[Kulør 010] Daniel Hjorth – Leben

Price 250 kr.


*Also available for local pick-up in Copenhagen, see below.

Kulør is proud to announce the release of our first print artist monograph, Leben, by Danish photographer Daniel Hjorth (*1991). Realized in collaboration with Copenhagen-based Spine Studio, the book presents a unique portfolio of Hjorth’s delicate portrait of Copenhagen over several years, juxtaposing scenes of large-scale urban development with the mundaneness of everyday urban life.

Hjorth’s images are accompanied by a newly commissioned text of fiction by Danish author Lea Marie Løppenthin, a graduate of The Danish Academy of Creative Writing. The book features a foreword by art critic Jeppe Ugelvig.

*It is possible to order the book on our website with local pick-up at Proton Records at Griffenfeldsgade 50, 2200 Copenhagen. Once you receive an email about the completion of your order, you can pick up the book during the store’s opening hours.