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In October 2019 Kulør reissued three legacy releases from the Ectotherm label, the first Copenhagen 140bpm fast techno records: Rune Bagge’s Ingen Tak Til Systemet (2016), IBON’s Three Ways (2017) and Schacke’s Make Them Remember (2017) all with new artwork.

The three EPs were the first Danish 140bpm techno records of the contemporary era, and laid the foundation for Copenhagen’s now world-renowned fast and trancy techno sound which has since swept the globe.

Only 300 copies of the EPs were originally pressed by the Copenhagen label Ectotherm, which Courtesy co-founded, and there was no wider digital release. With the Kulør reissue, Kulør intends to make sure their legacy reaches a wider audience.

The reissues feature beautiful new artwork. Performance collective Young Boy Dancing Group provides provide work for Schacke’s Make Them Remember, while French LA-based painter Claire Tabouret provides the cover for Rune Bagge’s Ingen Tak Til Systemet and the rising Copenhagen-based sculptor Rikard Thambert was been commissioned to produce a bespoke sculpture for the cover of IBON’s Three Ways.