• A1

    Schacke The End Of Ecstacy 4:16

  • A2

    SØS Gunver Ryberg Shapeshifter 4:05

  • A3

    Sofie Birch Look 4:55

  • A4

    Gel Scented 4:14

  • A5

    Astrid Sonne Swirl 4:39

  • B1

    Varnrable Cold Bright Hard Light 2:31

  • B2

    Minais B To Levende Væsener 3:38

  • B3

    Lyra Valenza Never Rest 5:57

  • B4

    X & Yde Dares Soar 3:28

  • B5

    DJ IBON Sorgpad 4:22

  • B6

    Splash Pattern Os 2:31


Release: February 21st 2020

On Kulør 006, artists Astrid Sonne, Gel, IBON, Lyra Valenza, Minais B, Schacke, Splash Pattern, Sofie Birch, SØS Gunver Ryberg, Varnrable and X & Yde rip through the traditional sounds and offer rhythmic fragments of a generation that transcend the physical for the digital; only to crash back down onto the municipal landscape through a crackling bass beat. A lot of the producers are barely out of school operating in the nostalgic shadow of fast techno whilst dropping pins on their own maps with their native peers. Courtesy, the Danish artist has gathered them together in an unusual mixed media project that not only offers a new narrative to the Danish underground but is also showcased with cphwarp, a freshly commissioned video piece by the visual artist David Stjernholm.

David Stjernholm’s cphwarp functions both as a music video for Kulør 006, as well as a video installation in its own right for the various museum and festival contexts the interdisciplinary music project will appear in during 2020. Stjernholm utilises static film from the Copenhagen metro remixing it with the analogue effect "slit-scan".